Lightfield displays... Powered by nanotechnology



LEIA’s core technology is based on Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting or DLB™, a proprietary rear illumination technique of a regular LCD display creating a precisely tuned lightfield behind the LCD frontplane. It results in stunning naked-eye holographic imagery with content appearing to come out of the screen and changing aspect continuously with head movement — like an object in the real world.

DLB™  Technology

  • Ultra-slim form factor fit for mobile device applications.
  • Wide Field-of-View for a comfortable and robust 3D viewing experience.
  • High Optical efficiency resulting in large display brightness.
  • Freedom of design resulting in unprecedented possibilities to optimize the 3D image quality and interview transitions.
  • Transparency allowed by a special nano-structure design.




Mobile Devices

Our special dual backlight architecture retains an ultra-slim form factor and allows seamless switching between 3D holographic mode and regular 2D mode with retina quality.

Our dynamic Field-of-View (d-FOV™) feature allow developers to shift or reshape the physical 3D viewing zone at will to increase the parallax experience even further, or to insure viewing privacy…. A powerful technique when used in conjunction with gyrometer of front camera input.

Last but not least our Hover Touch function senses the user’s fingers above the screen and allows the manipulation of 3D content in mid-air using finger motion.


Because LEIA’s technology is capable of large field of view and smooth parallax transitions without the need for eye-tracking, it is perfectly safe for automotive applications.

In addition to giving some pop to the Instrument Cluster or Central Information Display, LEIA offers the potential to define entirely customizable control panels. It is the ultimate HMI technology.

And that’s not all, LEIA’s DLB technology offers the possibility to upgrade your flat Heads-up display into its holographic version, finally able to display conformal information blending to the 3D environment.

VR with personAR / VR

Heard of AR / VR ? Those headsets shine light directly into your eyes to immerse you in a 3D virtual world. They show slightly different images to your left and right eye to give you a depth sensation. But they do not let your eyes focus on  nearby objects which often causes visual discomfort.

Using LEIA’s lightfield display solution, it is possible to engineer near-eye display which do provide focus cues and let the eye accommodate like in the real world. Bye bye headaches !

Digital Signage

You’ve seen in the Steven Spielberg movie “Minority Report,” starring Tom Cruise, holograms shining through large transparent screens that were manipulated using special gloves. This is pretty much what LEIA has in store for you in a couple of years. Except you won’t need the gloves…

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